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ISSN : 1225-0562(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7258(Online)
Korean Journal of Materials Research Vol.30 No.7 pp.350-358

Microstructure and Hardness of Titanium Aluminide/Carbide Composite Coatings Prepared by Reactive Spray Method

Chang-Suk Han,Sung-Yooun Jin
Dept. of ICT Automotive Engineering, Hoseo University, 201, Sandan7-ro, Seongmun-myeon, Dangjin City, Chungnam 31702, Korea
Corresponding author E-Mail : (C. -S. Han, Hoseo Univ.)


A variety of composite powders having different aluminum and carbon contents are prepared using various organic solvents having different amounts of carbon atoms in unit volume as ball milling agents for titanium and aluminum ball milling. The effects of substrate temperature and post-heat treatment on the texture and hardness of the coating are investigated by spraying with this reduced pressure plasma spray. The aluminum part of the composite powder evaporates during spraying, so that the film aluminum content is 30.9 mass%~37.4 mass% and the carbon content is 0.64 mass%~1.69 mass%. The main constituent phase of the coating formed on the water-cooled substrate is a non-planar α2 phase, obtained by supersaturated carbon regardless of the alloy composition. When these films are heat-treated at 1123 K, the main constituent phase becomes  phase, and fine Ti2AlC precipitates to increase the film hardness. However, when heat treatment is performed at a higher temperature, the hardness is lowered. The main constitutional phase of the coating formed on the preheated substrate is an equilibrium gamma phase, and fine Ti2AlC precipitates. The hardness of this coating is much higher than the hardness of the coating in the sprayed state formed on the water-cooled substrate. When hot pressing is applied to the coating, the porosity decreases but hardness also decreases because Ti2AlC grows. The amount of Ti2AlC in the hot-pressed film is 4.9 vol% to 15.3 vol%, depending on the carbon content of the film.

반응성 스프레이방법으로 제작한 티타늄 알루미나이드/탄화물 복합박막의 미세조직과 경도

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