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ISSN : 1225-0562(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7258(Online)
Korean Journal of Materials Research Vol.30 No.7 pp.333-337

Fabrication and Electrical Transport Characteristics of All-Perovskite Oxide DyMnO3 / Nb-1.0 wt% Doped SrTiO3 Heterostructures

Wei Tian Wang
Institute of Opto-Electronic Information Science and Technology, Yantai University, Yantai 264005, P.R. China
Corresponding author E-Mail : (W.T. Wang , Yantai Univ.)


Orthorhombic DyMnO3 films are fabricated epitaxially on Nb-1.0 wt%-doped SrTiO3 single crystal substrates using pulsed laser deposition technique. The structure of the deposited DyMnO3 films is studied by X-ray diffraction, and the epitaxial relationship between the film and the substrate is determined. The electrical transport properties reveal the diodelike rectifying behaviors in the all-perovskite oxide junctions over a wide temperature range (100 ~ 340 K). The forward current is exponentially related to the forward bias voltage, and the extracted ideality factors show distinct transport mechanisms in high and low positive regions. The leakage current increases with increasing reverse bias voltage, and the breakdown voltage decreases with decrease temperature, a consequence of tunneling effects because the leakage current at low temperature is larger than that at high temperature. The determined built-in potentials are 0.37 V in the low bias region, and 0.11 V in the high bias region, respectively. The results show the importance of temperature and applied bias in determining the electrical transport characteristics of all-perovskite oxide heterostructures.