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ISSN : 1225-0562(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7258(Online)
Korean Journal of Materials Research Vol.29 No.6 pp.378-384

Evaluation of Ice Adhesion Strength on the Oxidation of Transmission Line ACSR Cable

Hui Jae Cho1,You Sub Kim1,Yong Chan Jung2,Soo Yeol Lee1†
1 Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Chungnam National University, Daejeon 34134, Republic of Korea
2 Creative Future Laboratory, KEPCO Research Institute, Daejeon 34056, Republic of Korea
Corresponding author
E-Mail : (S. Y. Lee, Chungnam Nat’l Univ.)


Ice accumulation on Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced(ACSR) cable during winter is an important matter in terms of safety, economy, and efficient power supply. In this work, the ice adhesion strengths of ACSR cable oxidized during different periods(7 years oxidized and 15 years oxidized) are evaluated. At first, a plate type dry oxidation standard specimen, whose surface characteristics are similar to those of ACSR cable, is prepared. Dry oxidation standard specimens are heat-treated at 500 °C for 20, 60, and 120 minutes in order to obtain different degrees of oxidation. After the dry oxidation, surface properties are analyzed using contact angle analyzer, atomic force microscopy, spectrophotometer, and gloss meter. The ice adhesion strengths are measured using an ice pull-off tester. Correlations between the surface properties and the ice adhesion strength are obtained through a regression analysis indicating a Boltzmann equation. It is revealed that the ice adhesion strength of 15- year oxidized ACSR cable is approximately 8 times higher than that of ACSR-bare.

송전선로 ACSR 케이블의 산화에 따른 결빙 특성 평가

1충남대학교 신소재공학과,2전력연구원 창의미래연구소