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ISSN : 1225-0562(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7258(Online)
Korean Journal of Materials Research Vol.18 No.10 pp.558-563

Characteristics of TiAlN Film on Different Buffer Layer by D.C Magnetron Sputter

Kim, Myoung-Ho, Lee, Doh-Jae, Lee, Kwang-Min, Kim, Woon-Sub, Kim, Min-Ki, Park, Burm-Su, Yang, Kook-Hyun


TiAlN films were deposited on WC-5Co substrates with different buffer layers by D.C. magnetron sputtering. The films were evaluated by microstructural observations and measuring of preferred orientation, hardness value, and adhesion force. As a process variable, various buffer layers were used such as TiAlN single layer, TiAlN/TiAl, TiAlN/TiN and TiAlN/CrN. TiAlN coating layer showed columnar structures which grew up at a right angle to the substrates. The thickness of the TiAlN coating layer was about 1.8μm, which was formed for 200 minutes at 300˚. XRD analysis showed that the preferred orientation of TiAlN layer with TiN buffer layer was (111) and (200), and the specimens of TiAlN/TiAl, TiAlN/CrN, TiAlN single layer have preferred orientation of (111), respectively. TiAlN single layer and TiAlN/TiAl showed good adhesion properties, showing an over 80N adhesion force, while TiAlN/TiN film showed approximately 13N and the TiAlN/CrN was the worst case, in which the layer was destroyed because of high internal residual stress. The value of micro vickers hardness of the TiAlN single layer, TiAlN/TiAl and TiAlN/TiN layers were 2711, 2548 and 2461 Hv, respectively.

D.C magnetron sputter법으로 증착된 TiAlN의 중간층에 따른 특성연구

김명호, 이도재, 이광민, 김운섭, 김민기, 박범수, 양국현